I have not gone abroad for a long time.

I have not gone abroad for a long time. GG's overseas travel experience is only three times, first at company training trip in Taiwan, the second time in the western coast and Hawaii on the occasion of the gin marriage commemoration and Hong Kong the third time before being returned to China. Taiwan is half work, so I have not much impression, but with the first overseas trip, to put it in a big way, I felt that the view of the world changed a bit. Hong Kong went out as saying that he wanted to compare Hong Kong before the return and Hong Kong after the return, but that is exactly what it is. After all, the rice, the west coast and Hawaii can not be forgotten. San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hawaii Island, everywhere was impressive, but it was a Grand Canyon ・ Las Vegas. I took a Cessna machine from Las Vegas airport and jumped yurari and flew over the valley, surprised by the sudden change in the air current, looked at the magnificent river flowing far below the cliff, watching the show in Las Vegas at night, Oh, yeah, it was a white limousine, which is likely to be 10 meters long, to and from the theater. Sitting alone with his wife and sitting down, and looking at Kyorochoro and the neon around it, he was exclamating. The meal before the show was also surprised. The size of one of the buffet style so-called eating hodai, steak is not half-ended, GG was still young, I ate, I told you, the uncle next door, because I say ""Do you want me to eat this?"" I got it. When drinking paper cup is also big, looking thrilling, it is surprising to eat plenty of drinks of Gaijin's. I can understand becoming such a body. When I think it is over, I eat again with sweet sweet cakes of dessert. After the show, I return to the hotel, I do not know the casino word, because I'm worried about difficulties, so I mainly exclaim slot machines. A female staff who seemed to have come to a change time said ""I will soon come out of this platform"" and went out. Immediately, putting medals, turning reels for a while, got out! It is! It is! It is! It is! Well, it can not be several thousand dollars, but medals came out for a while with Jarajara, Jalajara. I immediately exchanged it for dollar bills, unexpectedly, nicolle. I waited for hours at the airport in the casino town, the casino that the slot machine is also in Las Vegas airport, I used Oita. When I looked it up, it's already been 17 years old, just as I decided to change jobs and retire and I used to travel to the next company, so I do not have to worry about anything, no where Because it is a period not belonging, it does not burden anyone, much more, this is a foreign country, a variety of scenery which I have never seen before, amazing customs and culture, such a thing is surprised by overseas travel However, the greatest pleasure is nothing but an opening feeling. Compared to those days, overseas travel fee is also cheaper. Since eating and drinking, walking becomes painful, I want to go somewhere, even if I go on a trip.

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